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Hi! I’m Damien Balderrama

Innerstate 1111 was birthed from my passion to raise the vibrational frequency and consciousness of humanity. In 2008, I went through a Dark Night of the Soul and barely made it out alive. That day sparked my own spiritual awakening and changed the trajectory of my life for the better. Afterward, I began to notice 1111 and many other repeating number patterns everywhere I looked. I started to research them and realized I was being called to pay closer attention to my thoughts and feelings – my INNERstate. I also came to realize these Awakening Codes as I called them, were guideposts from Divinity as I traveled the road trip of my life. This guidance gave me inspiration to start making t shirts with positive and inspiring messages. While my Innerstate felt like bliss, my outer life was falling apart. I sat on that idea for over a decade as I navigated the world from new eyes.

One thing life has taught me is, everything happens in Divine timing.

Since then I have been learning and absorbing many different energy, consciousness and healing modalities. Now, 13 years after that awakening moment, I am now in a better position to bring that vision to fruition.

I live in Northern California and I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner and aspiring Lyricist, Writer, and Public Speaker. I charge every piece of jewelry and each apparel design with high vibe healing energy and intentions for your greatest awakening and power to carry out the unique mission for your life. I have a great passion to help open the collective heart of humanity so our individual awakenings will catalyze the collective awakening for our people and our planet.


As I continue to learn and grow through the experience of operating Innerstate 1111, it’s my fervent desire to find more sources of ethical and sustainable products and packaging.

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